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Courtesy of Arlyn Asch on Flickr.Levi Leipheimer finished first at Leadville Trail 100 on Saturday with a new record time of six hours, 16 minutes, 37 seconds, the Associated Press reports. The Team Radio Shack member bested the mark Lance replica Tag Heuer WAF1410.BA0812 WoMen's watch Armstrong set in last years race by more than ten minutes.While Leipheimer was alone at the top of the podium to receive, he was joined by Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski in beating Armstrongs nascent record. Armstrong was not among the competitors at this years race.--Riley Blanton

I ended up backing into the heat demon while I was changing into a fresh kit, and burned a grill mark on my ass. The rest of the race was a bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless, we still won. We set a course record for the most laps of any two-person team, with 26 laps total. Since my competition was all men, I made sure to wear earrings and a skirt for the replica Tag Heuer WAF1411.BA0812 Ladie's watch podium.Heidi Volpe DetailsBike: NinerColor: TangSpecs: I ride gears, and have the DT Swiss fork.Racing: XC and endurance. Teams: Right now I am on the elite team for Sho-Air. They run the new national Series called US CUP.

Courtesy of Arlyn Asch on Flickr.Mark Higgins, a spokesman for the cyclist, announced this morning that Armstrong will not be competing in this years Leadville Trail 100, ESPN reports. According to Higgins, Armstrong will miss Saturdays mountain bike race in Colorado due to a latent hip injury, which resulted from a Tour de France replica Tag Heuer waf141d.ba0813 WoMen's watch crash.The spokesman also noted that Armstrong wanted to spend time with his children before they return to school this fall, and ESPN speculates that recent renewal of drug use accusations has him wary of the limelight.At last years Leadville race, Armstrong won in record-setting form. He completed the 100-mile, high-elevation course in roughly 6 hours and 29 minutes.--Riley Blanton

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My goal is to bring you behind the scenes into the tight-knit replica Tag Heuer waf141c.ba0813 Watch world of mountain bikers.This weekend I competed at Hurkey Creek State Park in CA, in one of the races that is part of the 24 Hours of Adrenalin. It was a great event, thanks to Stuart Dorland who runs the Adrenalin series. I raced with smoking-fast Mario Correa as my partner in the two-person category this weekend, and we ended up racing all men.

The course was 10 miles with a little bit of everything: twisting fast descents, long meadows, false flats, and a good bit of climbing—sustained hills and steep punchie ascents. I always love the names of the climbs. The last one was the demoralizer. replica Tag Heuer waf1417.ba0812 WoMen's watch did get pretty chilly at night, as low as 27 degrees. Luckily, we had a heat demon, a hardcore portable propane tank to keep our EZ up warm, which I now have a love hate relationship with. Pay attention to all things during your 24-hour races, even during breaks.

Among European climbers, the route iscommonly known as Biographie, the name given to it by Frenchmountaineer Jean-Christophe Lafaille, who bolted the route in 1989.According to Kairn, Oddos ascent tieshim with Adam Ondra as the youngest replica Tag Heuer waf1425.bb0814 WoMen's watch person to have ever climbed 5.15.Ondra was 15 when he climbed his first route at that grade, LaRambla, in February 2008.Pictures of Oddo on the route are available on Kairn.A video of Sylvain Millet climbing Realization is below.--Adam Roy

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Theres been a recent spate of cyclists changing teams, the Telegraph reports. Most notably Carlos Sastre, the Spanish rider who won the 2008 Tour de France, has left Cervelo for Geox for next season.Italian rider Riccardo Ricco has left Ceramica replica Tag Heuer WAF1424.BB0814 Ladie's watch Flaminia after signing a contract with Quick Step and Roger Kluge has left Milram after one year to join the Skil-Shimano team.Contrary to the trend, Alexandre Vinokourov has extended his contract with Astana for another year.--Riley Blanton

Enzo Oddo, 15, has repeated ChrisSharmas legendary sport route Realization at Ceuse, France, Kairn reports.Oddo, of Nice, workedon the route for months, falling several times on the last moves. InJuly, several holds broke near the start of the replica Tag Heuer WAF1450.BB0814 WoMen's watch route, increasing thedifficulty of the climb.

First climbed by Chris Sharma in 2001,Realization was the first route in the world to receive a consensusgrade of 5.15a. It has since been repeated by a handful of climbers,including Patxi Usobiaga, Dave Graham, and Ramón JuliánPuigblanque.

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See a concert in Austin? All in a month? JetBlue has you covered with the return of its All You Can Jet pass, which allows a traveler to visit an unlimited amount of American cities in a month. The pass, which comes in two forms ($700 to fly any day; $500 excluding Fridays and Sundays), covers from September 7 to October 6 this year. Flights must be booked three days in advance or there is a $50 booking fee. Changes or cancellations replica Tag Heuer waf1414.ba0812 WoMen's watch within that time period also incur a $50 fee.There are a limited amount of tickets and, according to The Huffington Post, they sold out quickly last year.So those of you who are gainfully unemployed, taking some time off or free to roam, take advantage! Just know that the rest of us are jealous.--Will Taylor

Photo Courtesy of FlickrWorldwide CO2 emissions dropped by 1.3 percent in 2009, German-based renewable energy institute IWR told Reuters last week. The institute cited two reasons for the drop in emissions from 2008: the weak status of the global economy and increased investment in sustainable energy. Global investment in replica Tag Heuer waf1416.ba0813 WoMen's watch renewable energy rose from $154 billion to $161 billion from 2008, the report states.Despite the good news, the future remains an uphill battle.The energy-induced CO2 output in China in 2009due to its economic growth has grown to a level now that is as high asthat of the U.S. and Russia combined, IWR director Norbert Allnoch told Reuters.Click here to visit the IWR website for more information.--Will Taylor

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Coal Countrys executive producer, MariLynn Evans, tells us what that means for the people of Appalachia. Aileen TorresThe coal industry is the primary source of jobs in mining towns. What are the present alternatives? It is a tragedy that in the coal fields of West Virginia people live in a monoeconomy that has been controlled by King Coal for Breitling Navitimer Moonphase Chronograph watches generations. There is such economic desperation in that regionone of the poorest in the country, but the richest in coalthat people have little choice between working for coal, working a minimumwage job, or leaving the state.

That is our heritage. When there is a downturn in the local market, people from the coal fields leave for places like Cleveland or Detroit. However, there are no jobs in the rubber factories anymore, the few jobs that coal provides even more desperately held by the people.What other industries can lead to economic evolution in these communities, and how can you get those industries interested in these places? Many Breitling Navitimer Range watches communities have developed green industry. In West Virginia alone, tourism is responsible for more revenue than coal. Towns like Shepherdstown and Lewisburg have little or no coal, and they are flourishing through arts and culture. Other places in West Virginia attract tourism through rafting, skiing, and hiking. The concern has been that there is not this type of diversity in the coal fields.

Some would argue thats because that is the way Breitling Sports Series Chronograph watches coal companies want it, and they have contributed to this current state.It is very difficult to attract any industry that is not extractive [of the land]. It is to the benefit of industries like coal to do business in areas where there are no people. Unfortunately, what has happened over the years is that these little communities, these hollers in Appalachia, are disappearing,